heritage foods: morcon


Legend has it, upon marrying my dad, my mother was taught by my grandmother (his mother) how to make certain Philippine dishes in order to be a good housewife. So in suburban Connecticut, a Finnish immigrant housewife cooks for Filipino immigrant husband as instructed by remote Filipina mother-in-law that she has met maybe twice. No presh.

Well she learned them alright and we made those same four dishes ALL THE TIME… chicken and pork adobo, sotanghon, pancit bihon… and on special occasions we had morcon. Flank steak stuffed with sausage, carrots, pickles and eggs, seared then braised. The hardcore version has hotdogs and cheese in it. My house did more of a roast with linguiça or chinese sausage and bacon instead of hotdogs. No cheese.

This Christmas, Ben and I were inspired by the latest episode of Top Chef and felt we could pay tribute AND update at the same time. Carrots, eggs, chorizo, and cornichon. Made gravy and a side of mash. So pretty, so good. MMM!


2 thoughts on “heritage foods: morcon

  1. ah i’m Filipino and i love that dish! 😀 i love adobo, too! 😀 my grandmother used to cook morcon for us– sad that she was not able to pass on the recipe..

    • Mmmmm… Adobo… Well I’m happy to share any recipe I have with you! It’s all family style though, a little of this, a little of that…

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