heritage foods: Karajalan Piirakka




Growing up, one of my favorite things to eat in Finland was Karajalan Piirakka. Heavy, bland, Finnish food at it’s absolute finest. You top them with “egg butter” which is hard-boiled eggs mashed with room temperature butter. Sounds questionable? It totally IS, but nostalgia is nostalgia and they are undeniably delicious.

So when I first brought Ben to the motherland, I kept making the biggest deal about them, so maybe he’d feel challenged to study them and try to make them at home. He’s been practicing, and this Christmas morning he made the best batch yet. We use a recipe from a Beatrice Ojakangas book, but here’s a similar recipe


2 thoughts on “heritage foods: Karajalan Piirakka

  1. Yum! Egg butter sounds like what my mom made me when I had the flu. A hard boiled egg, mushed up with some soft butter, maybe a tiny bit of pepper and salt. I was an adult before I realized not everyone eats their hard boiled eggs that way.

    • That’s so funny. I grew up thinking that was egg salad, butter instead of mayonnaise. I hope you’re inspired to make some for yourself now!

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