Friday, sunny, 70 degrees

On a spring day not too long ago, my friend Sean said this, and only this, when asked how he was doing, “I am drinking outside.” Here’s to you, dude.

So the cocktail itself could use refining, but if you want seriously no-nonsense prep, here’s what I did. Boil a little water. Mix equal parts sugar and hot water in a little cup until dissolved. Put that in the freezer. Rinse your cocktail glass and shiso leaf and put them in the freezer together too. In a cocktail shaker, add 2 parts vodka, 1 part Pernod, fresh lemon juice, some torn shiso leaves. Go back to the freezer and pull your simple syrup, cocktail glass, and a bunch of ice cubes. Add ice cubes and syrup (to taste) to the shaker, shake and pour!


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