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Valentine's Day Deluxe Gift Set

Teaming up with Nicolette Camille for a special Valentine’s Day sale.

Choose a stunning floral arrangement paired with a specially priced 2-set of Suippo Bangles. Have the gift delivered to your sweetheart or pick it up from our open studio hours. Just PRE-ORDER by Monday, February 11.

Open studio hours are Noon-8pm on
Wednesday, February 13th
Thursday, February 14th

Go Love!

hey, once in a blue moon…

Once in a blue moon I like to sell jewelry sans internet. Please visit me at the Of A Kind Roadshow where I will be offering a 20% discount on several pieces from my line. The venue is super fancy advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy New York. Ironically, my career as a graphic designer ended at an ad agency just a few doors down (less fancy).

I designed some postcards just for this occasion too. They came out pretty alright, I think. Hope to see you there!

heritage foods: icebox cake

icebox cake

icebox cake

icebox cake

icebox cake

I don’t eat dessert, but sometimes cake is inevitable. There are two cakes that I crave on such occasions. Crepe cake from Falai and Ben’s mother’s icebox cake. They’re essentially the same thing — super thin layers of pastry between fresh whipped cream. So simple, so delicious, and not all that sweet.

This cake uses Anna’s Swedish gingersnap cookies. Here’s a slightly fancier Martha version.

heritage foods: morcon


Legend has it, upon marrying my dad, my mother was taught by my grandmother (his mother) how to make certain Philippine dishes in order to be a good housewife. So in suburban Connecticut, a Finnish immigrant housewife cooks for Filipino immigrant husband as instructed by remote Filipina mother-in-law that she has met maybe twice. No presh.

Well she learned them alright and we made those same four dishes ALL THE TIME… chicken and pork adobo, sotanghon, pancit bihon… and on special occasions we had morcon. Flank steak stuffed with sausage, carrots, pickles and eggs, seared then braised. The hardcore version has hotdogs and cheese in it. My house did more of a roast with linguiƧa or chinese sausage and bacon instead of hotdogs. No cheese.

This Christmas, Ben and I were inspired by the latest episode of Top Chef and felt we could pay tribute AND update at the same time. Carrots, eggs, chorizo, and cornichon. Made gravy and a side of mash. So pretty, so good. MMM!

heritage foods: Karajalan Piirakka




Growing up, one of my favorite things to eat in Finland was Karajalan Piirakka. Heavy, bland, Finnish food at it’s absolute finest. You top them with “egg butter” which is hard-boiled eggs mashed with room temperature butter. Sounds questionable? It totally IS, but nostalgia is nostalgia and they are undeniably delicious.

So when I first brought Ben to the motherland, I kept making the biggest deal about them, so maybe he’d feel challenged to study them and try to make them at home. He’s been practicing, and this Christmas morning he made the best batch yet. We use a recipe from a Beatrice Ojakangas book, but here’s a similar recipe

The Nog


For the past few years, Ben has been making his eggnog at the end of the summer and aging it until the holidays. Each gallon jug has about a dozen egg yolks, sugar, milk, cream and about a liter and a half of hard liquor. The combinations vary, but bourbon is usually the lead with brandy, cognac, or rum supporting.

To serve, we whip cream and egg whites so each glass is equal parts nog and froth, nutmeg grated on top.

We will not show up at a holiday party without at least a jar full of this stuff. It’s hardcore, but everyone who says they don’t like eggnog tries this and AT LEAST says, “eeeeehhh… this is pretty good!” and then finishes their glass.

Here’s the inspiring recipe.

heavy duty

This is the mother of all bangles. I made it with the wire I use for the Petra ring, but in the shape of the Suippo bangles. It’s so heavy and so excellent.

This will definitely be for sale at our upcoming open studio holiday party! More on that soon…

new pieces!

I’ve finally been able to put a new collection together. Totally inspired by my elementary art school teacher, Mrs. Krug. She was the coolest. Imagine suburban Connecticut, mid-80s, big blankety tops, tall boots, bangs, red lipstick, and giant jewelry. I think she drove a convertible Alfa Romeo, black.

Available in my shop next week!

Happy Halloween

These little guys are the reason I hardly posted anything all summer. I illustrated all the avatars for the new WeChi app. I’m FINALLY coming up for air to tell you about it. It’s a cross between a game and a social network. Your score basically reflects how crappy of a friend you are… according to your actual friends!

Give it a try and see all my creatures! It’s free from the App Store.

Pledge Week Blues

The past week has been fundraising week on NPR. In other words, this is the week that forces me to deal with my tired old itunes library. Here are some of my new jams, beginning with a PERFECT song.

Cone Undone, Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell
Back Up Plan, Big Boi
Intentions, Whitest Boy Alive
Simple As, Kid Cudi
Wake and Be Fine, Okkervil River
Riding for the Feeling, Bill Callahan

(If they’re already part of your tired old itunes, I’m sorry. I’m old.)