hey, once in a blue moon…

Once in a blue moon I like to sell jewelry sans internet. Please visit me at the Of A Kind Roadshow where I will be offering a 20% discount on several pieces from my line. The venue is super fancy advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy New York. Ironically, my career as a graphic designer ended at an ad agency just a few doors down (less fancy).

I designed some postcards just for this occasion too. They came out pretty alright, I think. Hope to see you there!

Pledge Week Blues

The past week has been fundraising week on NPR. In other words, this is the week that forces me to deal with my tired old itunes library. Here are some of my new jams, beginning with a PERFECT song.

Cone Undone, Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell
Back Up Plan, Big Boi
Intentions, Whitest Boy Alive
Simple As, Kid Cudi
Wake and Be Fine, Okkervil River
Riding for the Feeling, Bill Callahan

(If they’re already part of your tired old itunes, I’m sorry. I’m old.)

Welcome, Anne!

As if Dobbin Mews wasn’t dreamy enough with the flowers and the textiles and the shiny bits, it just got a little dreamier with essential oils wafting about…

Anne and her small empire, MCMC Fragrances, recently scooped up the space that used to belong to Shannon. And while we’re sad about not seeing Shannon every day, we’re quite happy that she’s moved on to greener pastures (literally).

Central Park Zoo f. Polar Bear

Four days, four adults, two kids and one HELL of an itinerary. We tried to show our dear relatives a good time with “New York’s Best Family Activities” from the NY Mag’s Visitor Guide.

Man ALIVE! Perhaps the writers overload you with options on purpose… or perhaps they just forgot that groups of six, at any age, is like herding cats. So we edited it down to about a sixteenth, picked our own restaurants (one of my favorites, Kefi weaved in perfectly) and had the best time!

This was one of my favorite parts. The underwater view of the polar bear.

New York Subway Data Visualized

I friggin’ love counting and mapping projects. Never was any good at it myself, but I do have the grad school loans to prove my enthusiasm.

This piece by Alexander Chen is a beautifully visualized schedule of the NYC subway system. Pulling data from the MTA’s public API, the graphics represent trains as they depart from one end of the city and travel along their respective routes. It’s as if you had an aerial view of the tunnels without any of the stink, bed bugs, violence, and (sadly) Mariachi bands. Learn more about the methodology from the motionographer post.